• For earning commissions to be valid it is only acceptable by the use of banners provided by shoposh (in cases that another form of linking to shoposh is to be used please contact administration for pre-approval).
  • Any websites or blogs with explicit or offensive content will be cancelled from the shoposh affiliate network program.
  • Any leads/visits that are directed from a website/blog are not considered payable. ONLY visits that lead to a confirmed sale will be payable according to the 5% commission on every sale.
  • Purchases are only payable when an order is completed the shoposh SHOP and not through FASHION PICKS.
  • Payments are made only via PayPal and are transferred to affiliates account once a month. Payments are made in Euros.
  • Purchases that were returned or refunded will not be considered in the affiliates payments.

For any questions about our affiliate program please feel free to contact us at info@shoposh.com

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